OVERVIEW: The Universities Space Research Association (USRA) is a non-profit research organization dedicated to bringing together  in-house and university-based expertise to advance space science and technology.

A web application to streamline and unify HR and hiring processes across multiple government contracts.

Government contract management requires following a wide range of federal regulations, so of which change from contract to contract. As a result, even though two employees may work for the same organization, they may fall under different HR and operational rules.


To address this issue, the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) Ames Business Office (ABO) engaged TCG Creative to design and develop an Intranet portal for employees working under the SOFIA and RIACS contracts at NASA's Ames Research Center.


The portal needed to allow employees working under either contract to log in and see only their relevant HR and operational procedures. It also needed to support workflows for various HR personnel to be able to access contract-specific information, or at the senior level, be able to see a composite of all HR information for both programs.



Time off requests were also to be handled through the system, with the request being routed to the appropriate manager for approval. The job application process was also unified between the two contracts, with applications submitted either via the SOFIA or RIACS web sites coming into a single back-end system for HR to review and track.


To develop the system, TCG sat down and conducted interviews with key stakeholders, mapping out workflows and requirements. Using agile development methodologies, TCG Creative iteratively architected the system with multiple steps of user testing and feedback to develop what ultimately became the UABO Employee Web Site and HR management portal.


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