OVERVIEW: ShoreTel is a global provider of  business to business voice over ip telephony and unified communications solutions. Based in Sunnyvale, California, ShoreTel also has offices in Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Rochester, New York; Maidenhead, United Kingdom; Sydney, Australia; and Singapore.

ShoreTel approached TCG Creative in the summer of 2013 to help design a cost effective, scalable, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-use platform for their channel partner communications.

As ShoreTel has grown over the past several years, it has added numerous distributors and resellers, which now number upwards of 1,000. As a result, the company was looking for a cost effective way to quickly communicate with channel partners, and do so in an engaging way.


The solution was to build upon ShoreTel's existing Limelight video streaming platform implementation to develop ShoreTel TV.


Starting with workflow, TCG designed an easy to use system that allowed for granular categorization and access to content. Programs as well as their individual episodes can be categorized as 'employee only', 'distributor', 'reseller', or 'public', allowing programs and episodes to be targeted to specific audiences. Programs and episodes could also be assigned separate thumbnail images as well as various metadata within the Limelight system to further customize content delivery.

For the end-user experience, TCG worked within ShoreTel's existing brand and web style guides to design an interactive and intuitive interface. The design allows for ShoreTel to choose a variety of featured content, which is then custom-delivered based on the site visitor's category (employee, distributor, reseller, public). This way, important messages for distributors, for example, could be featured prominently on the home page while non-distributor visitors were shown different featured content.


Of course, ShoreTel TV wouldn't be complete without content. As part of its ongoing work with ShoreTel, TCG provides video production and post-production services to create the primary programming for ShoreTel TV. This includes green-screen production using RED Epic cameras, editing and keying, and motion graphics design. As part of this project, TCG has developed a standard set of branded and reusable motion graphics elements, such as lower thirds, bugs, interstitials, and various text animations.


• Web Design

• Web Application Workflow

• Web Programming

• Limelight Video Platform Integration

• Video Production

• Motion Graphics

• Product Photography

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