OVERVIEW: Packet Fusion is a reseller of unified communications and networking infrastructure solutions.

As a premiere resellers of unified communications and networking infrastructure solutions, Packet Fusion knows how to connect.

And that was exactly what they wanted their web site to do to, connect with potential customers.


TCG Creative sat down with Packet Fusion, and after several sessions with various personnel within the company, from the CEO to the front-line sales team, we realized just what they were all about - People, not Machines. Its true, they resell some pretty complex technology that allows their clients to do amazing things, but at the end of the day, Packet Fusion is all about the personal connection that their technology facilitates, not the technology itself.


With that in mind, TCG Creative set about completely overhauling the company's messaging and giving a modern face lift to the company's web site.



 We helped them position themselves as the approachable, personable, tell-it-like-it-is company that they are; quite a contrast from so many of their competitors who typically fill their web sites with 'cool technology' and complicated jargon.


In the process, TCG Creative has laid a solid SEO foundation for the company moving forward, integrating Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager, as well as SEO tools from Yoast for their WordPress installation, providing Packet Fusion an excellent foundation for expanding into social media as well as tracking web conversion and performance.



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