OVERVIEW: The University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) is a collaboration between the University of California and NASA Ames Research Center dedicated to advancing the state of the art in Aerospace, Earth Science, Space Science, and Computer Science.

Frontiers of Science is an award winning video series highlighting joint science research conducted by the UARC and NASA.

As part of its public outreach initiatives, the University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) was looking for an innovative approach with broad reach to inform people about the aerospace, earth science, space science, and computer science research the organizations was conducting in collaboration with NASA.


Working in collaboration with KCSM TV, a public TV station in California's Silicon Valley with a reach of 3.5 million households, TCG Creative proposed developing series of videos highlighting  various UARC / NASA research projects. These videos would air as filler content between KCSM's regularly scheduled programming, providing the broad local reach that the UARC and NASA were looking for.



In addition, to local broadcast reach, TCG Creative also proposed setting up a dedicated web site for the Frontiers of Science video series where additional information on researchers and research topics would be available. The video content on the site would be hosted on YouTube, with a dedicated UARC Frontiers of Science YouTube channel as well.


With this project, TCG Creative was able to develop a cost effective, branded video series that to date has reached hundreds of thousands of people and raised awareness of the important

research being conducted by the UARC and NASA which is having a positive impact on society.


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