OVERVIEW: ASSIA is a strategic partner to broadband service providers worldwide, providing innovative optimization and line management solutions for DSL and Wi-Fi networks.

Graphic design, layout, PowerPoint, and motion graphics services help ASSIA's Marcom team stay connected with potential customers.

While ASSIA may not be a household name, if you have a DSL line at home, chances are your line is being optimized for better performance by their software. As a leading provider of DSL and Wi-Fi networking optimization and line management solutions, they boost performance on almost 90% of the DSL lines in the United States serviced by telcos such as AT&T, Verizon, and others.



For the past two years, TCG Creative has worked with ASSIA's marketing communications team to develop a wide range of print collateral, including product brochures, pop-up displays, web graphics, and advertisements. In addition, TCG Creative has also developed corporate and product launch videos using motion graphics and animated presentations to expand their visibility at trade shows.


• Design and Layout

• Motion graphics
• PowerPoint

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